• Joakim Lindberg

Denmark, border control from Sweden!

Denmark is introducing border control from Sweden.

That message came during a press conference with Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup of the Danish Social Democrats on Thursday morning.

The background is reported to be the shootings and bombings in Denmark that have been linked to Swedish perpetrators in recent months, including an explosion at the Tax Board's premises in Copenhagen and two young Swedish men were murdered outside Copenhagen in June.

- We can see that a development in Sweden where there are explosions that are linked to organized crime, and do not want it to spread to Denmark. That is why we have decided to introduce border controls against Sweden says Justice Minister Nick Hekkerup at a press conference.

Already in August, Danish politicians opened for border control to become a reality. "It should not be possible to travel from Sweden to Denmark and place dynamite in Copenhagen," said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) at a press conference in mid-August.

The border inspection of Swedes who will be traveling to Denmark will start from 12 November.



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