Murder in Södermalm

A 50-year-old woman was found dead in an apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm

Neighbors heard screams and noise from an apartment and saw a knife thrown out of a window. Police were alerted, but were not present until several hours later when the woman was already dead.

The police are now reporting themselves for possible service failure following the suspected murder of Södermalm in Stockholm.

Neighbors first heard noise and loud screams from the apartment.

Thereafter, a knife should have been thrown from a window onto the courtyard, according to testimony to TT. The police were alerted about the incident just before 1pm, but according to testimony, it was at least until 3.30pm before the police arrived at the scene. By then the ambulance had already been there and the woman was dead.

"Errors cannot be ruled out"

The Stockholm Police Region has now submitted a report of service errors to the Special Investigations Department of the police. If the report concerns the time it took for the police to arrive at the crime scene, or if it is about something else, the police will not respond.

- I know that you have done a review of this case up at the regional command center and then after that review you have chosen to report to the Special Investigations Department, the department that investigates and looks at if any police officer committed any wrongdoing, says police spokesperson Towe Hägg.

- After the review, errors can not be ruled out, then it is the police's handling of the case that the Special Investigations Department is allowed to look at. That report has been handed over to them from the Stockholm Police Region, she continues.

Homicide suspect

At the Special Investigations Department, it is confirmed that the notification relates to service errors. But neither does it want to say what the possible service failure is about.

- We have received a notification regarding the event that is classified as a service failure, more than that I cannot comment on, says Anders Öström at the Special Investigations Department.

A man in his 50s was arrested in Södermalm's apartment on Wednesday. He was arrested on Thursday morning on probable cause of murder. The man and woman knew each other, according to the preliminary investigator.

check out the original report below link.


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