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Open letter to the Swedish Government


Though to everyday shootings, bombing, rapes, robbery, mild civil war going on in Sweden - more and more people are reaching out directly to the State Government.

Mona Irene Schultz did so after a bomb went of outside her building almost killing her grandson.

"Open letter to the Swedish government !!

This morning I was awakened by a phone call, as if it was really bad could have meant a tremendous tragedy.

In the picture you see the box to my little granddaughter's room and on the other side of the wall of the blasted gate lay the nicest little guy and slept. He slept well in the belief that he was safe in his home.

BUT a quarter past three tonight he was awakened by a strange hissing sound and then the world exploded !!

Someone had placed a bomb outside the gate to their stairway entrance and the entire entrance was blown out, the roof of the entrance fell down, windows were blown wide, their front door opened, the wall where Sebastian's bed was standing got a large crack and glass shattered into their apartment and we can only thank GOD because no one was physically injured.

The psychic, however, we do not know yet, as it may prove far later ...

But the whole family and we who are close to them have a thousand different feelings right now. It is, besides shock, fear of what could have happened, anger, despair, confusion over how this can happen in our country ..

But also deep gratitude that everyone is innocent sk

That they are undamaged, however, is not the government's merit, it is sad to note.

Our confusion about how this can happen, who is responsible for the security of the Swedish people and especially the CHILDREN and all the questions we have about this event we want to ask you.

You who are members of the Swedish government and who can well be expected to be held accountable for how the criminal phalanges can be allowed to ravage freely without NI acting !!

NI who sits with eyeballs and plays with ordinary people's lives! NI who thinks we are all as blind as you seem to be!

WHEN should you open your eyes and admit that you have completely lost control? That you have no idea how to sort this out?

Because we know, we ordinary people, the foot people, we know that Sweden, our dear motherland is heading straight south if nothing is done in the reddest rap.

For today, I and the whole family are wondering if it is at all safe to live in Sweden anymore yes even my old mother of 92 expressed this opinion and then this is the country we are all born into, have lived in for many generations and it is not a "war" in the sense of the word that chases us on the run ...

Sebastian is 8 years old, his little sister is named Ella and will be 7 in two weeks. Until last night her thoughts were occupied only by the impending party.

Today she and her brother are two very scared Swedish children, whose safe lives have just escaped 😔

Their grandmother cries with sadness that their confidence and belief in the good are now shaken in their foundations and we all ask if the government in Sweden finds some form of balance in that we should also know what it is like to be exposed to bombs and grenades.

That we have to go this far to sympathize with the people from the rest of the world, whom we strive so hard to protect from the war trauma, from bombs and grenades right now ??!

Today I am desperate, confused and deeply saddened.

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